Inicio Actualidad Edumedia-3 joins GAPMIL-UNESCO as a member for its work in media education

Edumedia-3 joins GAPMIL-UNESCO as a member for its work in media education


The research group Edumedia-3 celebrates 5 years of research, we reached the 3rd generation of student researchers in training, of the School of Spanish and Audiovisual Communication of the Faculty of Education Sciences – Technological University of Pereira, Colombia.

This year has become a great importance for our history, Mr. Alton Grizzle, co-manager of UNESCO’s global actions on media and information literacy (MIL), invited us to become a part of The Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL), as one of the organizations that work in the media education of the people in the world and especially in Latin America.

Designed and founded by Professor Diego Leandro Marín Ossa, the research group has developed projects and processes of inquiry, training, creation and diffusion in the area of media and education.

We have been inspired by many precursor teachers in the investigation of the relationships between education, communication and media, such as Daniel Prieto Castillo, Marshall MacLuhan, Teun Van Dijk, Mario Kaplún, Paulo Freire, Celestin Freinet, Carlos Valderrama, Omar Rincón, Jerome Bruner, Eliseo Verón, Carlos Scolari, David Buckingham, Sonia Livingstone, Joan Ferrés, José Manuel Pérez Tornero, Valerio Fuenzalida, Victoria Camps, Jesús Martín Barbero, Miguel de Moragas, Jurgen Habermas, Lorenzo Vilches, Roman Gubern, Guillermo Orozco, Ramiro Beltrán, Agustín García Matilla, Ignacio Agüaded, Ismar de Oliveira, Teresa Quiroz, Rosa María Alfaro, Roberto Aparici, Rodrigo Argüello and many others more … to them a tribute of gratitude for their teachings.

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