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Requirements to participate in the campaign Take control #MILCLICKS of Edumedia-3 and GAPMIL UNESCO


Global Alliance for Partnership On Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL) – UNESCO

Edumedia-3 Research and Seedbed Group

Call to participate in the educational campaign: Take control

Requirements for participants

The Edumedia-3 research group from the Technological University of Pereira-Colombia (UTP) and a member of UNESCO’s Global Alliance for Partnership On Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL), invites higher education students who are enrolled in academic communication programs , Journalism, ICT, Media and Education or related careers, to participate in the TOMA EL CONTROL (TAKE CONTROL) educational campaign.

Participants can send a 60-second long video inviting children, youths, parents, educators and society in general to reflect on the uses we give to information in the media and on social networks .

At some point in the video, the following information which is part of the educational campaign, should appear: before clicking, commenting or sharing … take control. However, you can complement the text so that the message the filmmakers want to transmit is clear enough.

In the video, in addition to the information the filmmakers need to add, they must include the name of their institution, month and year of the video, as well as crediting the organizers in a clearly legible text and on a single screening of at least 6 seconds with this information:

Edumedia-3 Research group and Seedbed

Technological University of Pereira, Colombia

Member of the Global Alliance for Partnership On Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL) – UNESCO.

The organizers’ logos will be provided at the time they are registered in order to be included in the video.

If you use text, dialogues or voice over in the original language, you should also subtitle the video in English so it can be disseminated widely among the countries of the 416 organizations and members that are part of GAPMIL – UNESCO worldwide.

Technical requirements: 60 seconds, format: .MOV, or .MP4 (improve quality using the Quick Time, or H.264 codec); Image size: single size of 1920 × 1080 pixels corresponding to HD; audio: Channel 1 and 2 Mixed. – Audio pattern (thousand cycles) – monophonic or mixed stereo audio.

The video should be emailed to via WeTransfer, so it must have a size of 2GB or less while preserving the quality requested, and attaching the technical file and transfer of rights, the two documents in Word, the formats of which will be sent by mail when participants are registered through this form:

13 finalists will be selected. They will receive a participation certificate from the organizers, and the 3 best jobs will be chosen, which will have their participation certified, the position they reached and their educational video will be published in the media that the organization has for that purpose.

Videos that do not comply with the requirements, which are past the closing date of the call, do not have a technical sheet and cession of rights, or that advocate any type of discrimination will be excluded from participation in this call.

During the process you will tweet three photo sequences including before, during and after- production takes, in which aspects such as the participants, locations in which the production was filmed, the actors if any, etc., will be seen, with the #MILCLICKS, and you should tag @ Edumedia_3 so that we can evaluate a part of their participation process.

See some examples on this link:



Expectation in social networks: March 1 to 15

Release date of the call: March 15

Closing date of the call and receipt of works: July 15

Date of publication of results: August 30




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