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Call for bachelor and master thesis competition in Media and Information Literacy MIL



The Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week Youth Agenda Forum will take place on 26 October, 2018, at the University of Latvia, in Riga.

The forum will seek to answer many pressing questions: how young people can act as MIL agents of positive changes in the era of digital algorithms? What can they do as young media, information, and technology professionals, as young researchers, as Internet micro-celebrities and influencers, and as young librarians? Can they influence policy-making on such issues as platform regulation or data protection? Do they feel strong and motivated enough to negotiate with private sector – social networks, advertisers and other internet actors – about their responsibilities to users and wider society? Pivotally, are young people capable and motivated to help their peers and siblings to benefit from the opportunities in digital media and information environments?


As part of the Youth Agenda Forum, graduates & students all across the globe in the fields of Media, Communication, Information, Library Science, Education, Psychology, Computing, Technology and other MIL related fields are invited to send in their applications for the 2018 International Bachelor and Master Thesis Competition on Media, Information and Digital Competencies related subjects.

The applications received will be an important contribution to the broader task – to foster young academics’ and professionals’ interest and competencies in MIL sphere and to bridge technological and other generational gaps in the field of MIL research. Five winners of the competition will be invited to visit Latvia at the end of October to participate in the Youth Agenda Forum and to present their papers, as being part of the MIL Week 2018. For all five winners the travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the organisers of the event. During the Youth Agenda Forum in Latvia, where all five winners will have a chance to present their thesis, one will be chosen as the Grand Prix winner.

TO QUALIFY FOR THE COMPETITION, A THESIS MUST: comply with the requirements for a traditional bachelor or master thesis; be written (in any language) about MIL related subjects including media literacy, information literacy and digital literacy; be defended during 2017 or in the first half of 2018.

The applications will be evaluated based on an essay style abstract. Competitors must send in two written pages in Microsoft Word format (Times New Roman, Font size 12, ~ 600 – 700 words). The abstract should be written in English and it should include the following: research problem, research questions, aim, objectives, research methods, main findings and suggestions for future research, as well as any additional information deemed necessary by participants.

To participate in the competition, the written document shall be sent to e-mail address:

Deadline: September 30, 2018.

The Subject of the e-mail shall be ’’Thesis Competition’’.

The e-mail must contain the following information: Name, surname, contact information (e-mail, phone number) of the thesis author; Name, surname, affiliation of thesis supervisor/-s; University represented.

The bachelor and master thesis applications shall be accepted until September 30, 2018.

The evaluating jury for this competition consists of a MIL Research Committee, which is comprised of MIL academics, practitioners and experts from all over the world as well as UNESCO.

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